Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Freelance logic

This week I've only managed 4-hours of sleep per night when I should be hibernating in a hammock in the arms of the one who sends me post QUITTER chores. Instead, the past two weeks I took on four illustration gigs that required rapid turn around and it's burnt me to cinders. The high paying gigs put a serious crimp in my tight ESCAPIST deadline which has me in panic mode before I fly off to the San Diego Comicon next Wednesday for a 6-day QUITTER tour-de-force. A far away SBX so close to London terrorism put me on hyper omni alert and all I can think is "What fuck wrong world?" At least I'm bringing my mother as a date to Comicon to keep me street.

I can't wait for the doldrums of September when I'm complaining I have no paying gigs and all my comic book pitches have fallen to the wayside. Instead, I'll be kicking cans, editing my self-indulgent art memoir, making deliberate accidents with acrylic paint, and maybe, just maybe, writing & drawing my half of AS BIG AS EARTH. If I'm good.

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