Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Frances McDormand

I first saw her in BLOOD SIMPLE and then I met Frances McDormand when I served her dinner at Nick & Eddie restaurant in Soho in the early '90s. She was very sweet to me and introduced me to her husband, Joel Coen, at her table. The Coen Bros. were in pre-production for THE HUDSUCKER PROXY and I knew they were great pals with Sam Raimi. I had just written a horror screenplay that I thought Raimi would be the perfect director for [because I had an ego the size of Nebraska back then]. Joel dug my spunk and gave me his address and said he'd pass the script onto Sam. I was flattered. Months later, I knew Joel had kept his word when I got the screenplay returned back from Renaissance Pictures [Raimi's production company] because I hadn't copywritten the damned script and Renaissance couldn't legally read it for fear of a budding screenwriter suing a movie maker [back then, Raimi had only directed the EVIL DEAD movies and DARK MAN]. A few years later, Frances blew up big [deservedly so] in FARGO and I never did get that horror script produced.

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