Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Seamless Experience

Awhile back I had a big discussion about movie watching etiquette with my Best Pal and his Wife. The Wife insisted that, if she is watching a movie with Best Pal and doesn't want to continue watching the movie -- often for the violence and/or horror content [she'd watch an Adam Sandler film over a Martin Scorcesi movie, any day of the week] -- that Best Pal should bow to her antipathy towards the experience and discontinue watching the film. I asked her "What if Best Pal is grooving on the movie? Are you suggesting that he halt HIS experience?" The Wife proposed that, if Best Pal really needed to finish watching the film that he watch it some other time when they were not together. I told her that was blasphemous, "A movie takes 2-4 years to make, where directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, sound mixers, etc., work extremely hard to create a seamless experience, creating a verisimilitude of space and time." Films are meant to be watched uninterrupted, something that is nearly impossible with bathroom & popcorn breaks, but an intent I holy respect. How dare she punish Best Pal with her antipathy? Based on consensus with other pals, I chalked up the conflict to power issues between couples rather than whether or not there is or isn't respect for the art of film.

I would suggest that comix are meant to be read all the way through, too. Where as a novel or graphic novel [not a short story], can be interrupted as performed by chapter breaks. I grew up on movies, adore the form, studied and practiced it, and otherwise champion movies [to a fault] within my own ever expanding DVD collection. However, the "Best Pal/Wife" situation isn't about the art form but rather the negotiation of power between each other. "If ya don't dig the flick and I do, let me have my popcorn and I'll meet you at the arcade in an hour or so -- no qualms, my dear."

Life is too short to waste on such petty insecurities [I should talk] and the parlay that attempts to squash such beasts. Heck, embrace the fact that nobody has your exact tastes and be prepared for difference, sunshine. It's only a couple of hours.

Turns out, my gal SBX was not encouraged [allowed?] to watch movies for approximately 10-years while with Mr. Ex. He was partial to dinner, wine [lots of wine], and conversation, as a way to spend a social evening over sitting in a dark theatre for two-hours [there are pros & cons to that argument], and so, they never [rarely ever] took in a movie. SBX loves books [ergo her foray into medical book packaging/publishing, even though she wishes to enter more lucrative genres] and her "movies" were reading tons of novels. Still, SBX missed out on a bunch of classic films over the years and I'm slowly putting her on a diet of good A-Z movies. Ergo, 'Movie Club', launching in Carroll Gardens on Nov. 2nd at my pad with THE EXORCIST 3, and DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.

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