Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


While strolling through the Brooklyn Museum with SBX, we sat down to rest our legs only to confront the horror of an electric violinist playing music "inspired" by the unparalleled art of Jean-Michel Basquiat [who's select genius was featured up on the 5th floor]. To the side of the stage were tall, blank pieces of brown scratch paper taped to the wall and plastic cups filled with magic markers and Craypas, encouraging whoever desired to spontaneously create while the musician scored the endless possibilities. An awful scenario all around, I finally kicked my feet from underneath my chair and entered the roped off ghetto to make my fury known. The electric violinist annihilated an homage to Hendrix, while I scraped red, white, and blue marks in the form of a mad-face across the color brown. But something was missing. An energy I couldn't capture. So, I forced SBX to enter the controlled chaos and this is what our 8-minutes made:


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