Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

M.I.T. Comix Colloquium

Come this Thursday, cartoonists Nick Bertozzi, Jessica Abel, Paul Pope, and I, are driving up to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to talk about our experiences drawing comix and the NYC community. I've compiled 30-images for a digital slide show that will cover a brief overview of my career. My peers will do the same and then we'll talk shop and do a Q&A.

It was weird going through my mini-comix, my creator-owned independent fare, and my franchise work, and boiling it down to a minimized glossary of covers and splash pages. My work and interests prove nearly schizoid. I hope that's one of the reasons my comix might be interesting. I can hopscotch between genres while filtering the caboodle into one unique sensibility. I also snuck in a "process" piece that shows layouts to finishes. It's going to be a challenge figuring out a way to translate artistic expression into binary codes for the academics at M.I.T.

I look forward to the trip.

"Please join us for Comparative Media Studies Comic Book Colloquium at MIT this Thursday. We'll be hosting cartoonists Nick Bertozzi, Jessica Abel, Paul Pope, & Dean Haspiel. These four independent comix artists will be showing some of their work and talking about the NYC comix community, the industry, life & art. It's at MIT campus, room 2-105, Thurs, April 28, 5-7pm, free and open to the public.

Imagine that if your back is to the river and you're facing the big domed MIT building horseshoe, building 2 is the right hand smaller horseshoe. If you enter campus up the big steps at 77 Mass ave, walk down the infinite corridor and take the right to get to building 4, then take a left in building 2, and room 105 will be on your left. MIT campus literally is a maze but if you ask people they'll tell ya where building 2 is.

Here's a link to the campus map:;selectlayer=Buildings;selectfield=facility;zoom=level3;centerx=710624;centery=495368

Here's the Mapquest map:

There's usually parking around the Eastern or Northern side of campus, but not the Mass Ave or Mem drive sides so much. Vassar St, Ames St., Main St. are better bets than Mass Ave. or Mem drive. If you're driving over from Boston, you can take the Longfellow "Salt n Pepper" Bridge or the Mass Ave bridge. If you're taking the T, get off on the Redline Kendall stop and get onto the MIT Press bookstore side of the street. Walk up main St (away from the river, towards Central Squ) to the end of the block and take a left onto Ames St (there's a little red sign that says List Gallery). When you see the Media Lab/List Gallery on your left, take a right onto the campus. You can walk through the wind-tunnelly, very tall building 54 and you'll see a huge, black Calder sculpture and a round patch of lawn. Walk past building 14 with it on your left and you can enter into the glass walkway between 14 and building 2!"

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