Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Paul Auster

Saw Paul Auster [and his wife, another author] read tonite. Swell folks. She's kinda nutty. Auster writes long hand and then types his final draft on typewriter. Says, his last two book contracts insisted he deliver said books on disk so he hired interns to rock the computer output. Says, he's gonna take a crack at the 'putor this next time around. Anyhow, he kept it real and talks with a cool smokers voice. Gravelly. Very NPR friendly.

I asked Auster about Karasik & Mazzucchelli's adaptation of CITY OF GLASS. He loved it. Then I asked if he would ever consider writing an original graphic novel. He said "Probably not, but never say never."

Coolest bit was how Auster writes. When he's in the zone and it's the end of his work day, Auster won't type the next sentence that's in his head. He holds onto it all night until the next morning and let's the carpet roll to continue the flow.

I can dig that.

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