Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Blood vs Choice

Crazy thing about blood is: you never got to choose your family. You are born into a group of people who you never got to screen nor pick nor poach and then you're brainwashed into believing that you must know and live with these people, bend over backwards for them while they're charged with similar duties [especially when deemed a primary care giver]. Meanwhile, everybody is feeling some sort of caged resentment when personalities clash and worlds collide and you still gotta put on that poker face because it's "family." Why do you think so many family members "come to love" each other way down the line, if ever? It's because they finally succumbed to each other's special brand of sauce. Or worse, when we go into final decline we know we need each other bad because of how much of a hassle our fledging mortality becomes. Families spend an awful amount of time and money saving face while back-stabbing, all the while, subscribing to some ancient abstract religious concept that a baby born chain reacts people together like a curse, no matter how many relations removed. These clans spend a lifetime "getting to know" each other, often never coming close to an iota of the truth.

The beautiful thing about making pals is the independent act and freedom of it all. You choose your friends, your lovers, and yes, even your enemies. You actually shop for like-minded people to share your life. With family, there is an unconditional proposal of perpetual support and love sans holy judgment because of inherent blood ties the second the umbilical cord is snipped. With friends and lovers and enemies, you've got to earn that respect and loyalty. Daily. So, which group of people are you going to trust more? Any fool would go coo-coo for the IDEA of family, but the REALITY of family hardly exists. Not without tremendous compromise to your integrity and soul. Honest friends -- you can gauge. Admonish, abolish, or embrace. Posse-in-effect is where it's at.

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