Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I skip downstairs in the snow to grab a bagel from the corner deli in my black t-shirt and Doc Martens. I blast through the door, steal some room temperature, and eye the bagel pantry. It's empty save the one nobody picks: Pumpernickel. The bastard bagel for punks who arrive late. Fuck. Standing next to me is an old man with thick eyeglasses and a hearing aid. He's got a look on his mug. I hear scraping to the side. He's waiting for a toasted item getting buttered from behind the counter. I accuse "You stole my whole wheat bagel?" He yells back at me "No! I haven't eaten a bagel in years. Ruins my teeth!" I take it up a notch and snark "Then tell 'em to put the bagel in a blender and ask for a straw!"

He raises his fist to hit me as I bolt out the door.

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