Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Chaykin Divides

Howard Chaykin picks up the baton from what he started in American Flagg!, only that baton is now a chainsaw oiled with aloe vera as he eviscerates and rebuilds what he hates and loves about America in his new comic book series, THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA.

And, speaking of division, there's been a lot of negative chatter about the first issue (of six) based on events that takes place at the beginning of the story, but it's not fair to judge 1/6th of an entire tale. You can not like it and decide to not finish the story but I don't believe it's right to suggest censorship, as I've seen advised in social media.

Chaykin has basically stated publicly that he's writing what he's compelled to show and tell despite the audience...despite the reactions (pro or con). Chaykin is a true artist whether anyone likes it or not. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

And, I personally don't fully react to previews and clips of a whole. I either indulge the entire work and react after I've finished it or I don't indulge it at all because it didn't initially speak to me. And, I rarely react to what I like or don't like in pubic. I understand the function of marketing and provocation but it's old hat to me and I usually know better than to knee-jerk react. I often discover that the post-outrage narrative twist is more uniting than dividing when all is said and done -- and that's a good thing.

I try to take the "your opinion of me is none of my business" stance. It's too time consuming and exhausting to parlay online these days. I prefer my work to be my statement, no matter how it's interpreted. I just hope readers of MY work take the time to fully indulge it (pro or con).
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