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Tim Hall's FULL OF IT

Tim Hall isn't just a good buddy of mine, he also happens to be one of my favorite modern authors. FULL OF IT, Tim's 3rd book, was just made available for sale and I provided the cover art, something I drew years ago and never found a home for it until Tim asked if he could use it to grace his wonderful tome.

Here's the official skinny:

Full Of It: The Birth, Death, and Life of an Underground Newspaper
by Tim Hall

In the mid-1990s in New York's gritty East Village, a group of artists, activists, and dreamers come together to create the Troglodyte, a freewheeling, anarchic newspaper in the spirit of the underground press of the 1960s. When tragedy unexpectedly strikes, tensions explode into outright hostility, as two camps form and fight for the hearts and minds of the neighborhood.


For more information:
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